Morpheus Hotel COD – Macau

Macau, is a place I have been going to for years from the days when there was only one gaming house in town, now with big Vegas casinos and local casinos have expanded to become the gaming capital of the world. City of Dreams (COD) resort has recently opened a flagship hotel called Morpheus the name fits the COD theme. With names like Alan Ducasse for food and Zaha Hadid as the architect everything about the place is designed to make an impression. I do not like to stay or eat at places right when they open as opening logistics take some time to smooth over, but I had a chance so… why not stay?

The Morpheus lobby area is surrounded by high end very trendy designed focused boutiques. Almost every inch is made for taking photos.. like this place… IMG_6569

Checkin took a long time, The rooms are beautiful IMG_6576The bathroom was very large and comfortable, they have Hermes toiletries.IMG_6577

Everything was shiny and new… IMG_6578

Behind the vanity was the closet area with access to the rooms hallway as well. IMG_6579

Beautiful minibar… IMG_6580

Seating area next to the TV,  as stated before I think every room needs a desk or a seating area… and I use it all the time during my time in residence. IMG_6581

I was lucky with a high floor, but the views were nothing to write home about, we saw the roof of some school… IMG_6585

After I put my stuff down, I went to the lobby for a cup of coffee. IMG_6588

Its more beautiful at night, its like walking into the future. IMG_6631

The elevator ride was always entertaining. IMG_6632

If you get a high floor you get to see all the restaurants and different parts of the hotel. IMG_6636

The lobby can get crowded with tourists… but late at night it clears out. IMG_6637

The pool was nice on the roof… IMG_6639

The restaurants are on the mid floors of the hotel…IMG_6640

Views from the pool… IMG_6642

It was empty… nice pool… IMG_6644

Another view… IMG_6649

The pool is mostly very shallow… IMG_6667

You can see the hotel from far away, the ‘x’ shape patters is the Morpheus. IMG_6725

I did not have time to try the restaurants at the hotel but did go to the bar… this bar is beautiful… also Alain Ducasse… I can get used to this… IMG_6748

I always ask if there is anything bottled especially for the hotel, and this place does… so I take a glass of it ‘neat’. IMG_6747

Always order the Baked Alaska! IMG_6749

Super futuristic bathrooms…  IMG_6750IMG_6751

The dinning hall was empty… look at the marble bar it was just a pleasant place to have a good drink… IMG_6752

Already drank too much now back to the room…IMG_6754 

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