L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon*** – Hong Kong

…And my quest continues to go to every Robuchon on Earth. This time is Hong Kong, with three stars under its belt, as like every Robuchon I have been to I loved every second of it. I was staying at Pacific Place in HK so I decided to walk as the weather in winter is really nice. As usual Landmark is as nice as it was the last time. Although a bit empty, I still stopped by the famous atrium cafe to see if anyone famous was there… but no luck this time.  IMG_6504

I make my way up to restaurant… They have a great lunch deal so I decided to take advantage of it. IMG_6505

I am seated, and its a full house on a weekday. The familiar setting is calming, and the consistency of the quality and perfection that is delivered at all branches is truly amazing.    IMG_6511

Now let’s begin.  IMG_6512

The bread is always a treat and I always almost finish it… IMG_6513

Get some wine to start the meal… IMG_6514

The Starter…IMG_6515

The soup. I should have taken the picture before they poured the soup, it was really plated beautifully. The chestnut soup was remarkable… this must of been the highlight, I even asked for more bread… IMG_6516

Sea food was great but the foam made this dish have a fun flavor. IMG_6517

Anything from the sweets menu is good. Now I asked what they recommend a the time, I stopped ordering what I want and now just take recommendations. IMG_6519

My coffee set up… IMG_6520

In viewing all the action, its remarkable how silent everyone is in the kitchen. IMG_6521

Three stars all the way, another perfect meal… now to the next one… IMG_6523

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