Rolls Royce Phantom – Peninsula – Hong Kong

The Peninsula Hong Kong is a legend among hotels, not as flashy or shiny as the more recent newer hotels that opened around the world, but everything at the Peninsula is flawlessly seamless. I stayed there recently, I won’t post pictures of the rooms, restaurants of the high tea as there are enough out there, but I am posting about the famous Rolls Royce airport pickup service. Depending on how you think its either outrageously expensive or the best bang for your buck as you can get.

I was told when you order the car service they used to meet you at the disembark gate and take the ‘airport’ golf cart to do immigration, and then escort you all the way to the airport pick up area, but I was informed that they don’t currently do it. Nevertheless, I do the regular international arrivals procedures and after customs I am greeted with an electric sign from the hotel. We walk over to the car service pickup area and I get my first view of the Rolls Royce Phantom, I have seen this car before at the lobby of the Peninsula but at first the size of the car is really grand, and the color green so unique. IMG_6226

All cars should have the car doors swing this way… its so much easier to get in and out… Its the small things that make it so… comfortable… seamless… IMG_6227

Things are old school on the interior. You really don’t hear anything from the outside. The sound of the turn signals are the loudest thing you will hear. The Carpet is soft… the seats are soft. It looks a bit dated and used, but still have a nice feeling. IMG_6229

For those who need to charge your phone…. IMG_6230

The back seat space is truly vast… I a little over 6 feet and look at all that extra leg room… IMG_6232

I did not turn on the screen but I wanted to see it… IMG_6234

Checking my self out so I look presentable when I arrive at hotel lobby. IMG_6235

Then I notice the Hood ornament… Classic and iconic. IMG_6237

Its then I realize that its this view of the hood ornament you want to see, not the face of it.. as you would be outside looking in, not inside enjoying the bliss of a RR. IMG_6243

There is a place for water bottles, and even used towels, so everything there are places for amenities for before and after use… so things are always in their place… Makes the experience and aesthetics better. IMG_6238

They turned on some travel music that made the ride that in my view was too short enjoyable. IMG_6239

A button to open the door in addition to the regular way… IMG_6241

Getting closer to the hotel… its just nice… IMG_6244IMG_6245

So they still have a car phone… options for those who need it. IMG_6248

I arrive after what I consider the most difficult turn a car this size must do… its the tightest 90 degree turn I have ever seen. Tesla needs to get out of my way… IMG_6249

Before I get off… I see the custom door plating… It was the most pleasant ride from the airport I have ever had. I would do it again… Please note they also have helicopter service with better views, but a custom RR is an experience.IMG_6250

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