Shun – New York

Shun in Midtown New York was a wonderful surprise. It’s exactly what I was looking for. It was a right balance of old school fancy and modern at the same time…

It is actually two joints, and I tried Shun.


Never had a red from this region so if it was on the menu it must be for a reason. I order it and it was good. IMG_4996

I trendy set up… IMG_4997

Nice glasses… IMG_4999

Menu time! IMG_5001

Amuse bouche… and it begins… IMG_5003

Fancy butter always… always helps. IMG_5004

Fancy bread always… always is great… IMG_5005

Set up, presentation, SPOT ON… IMG_5006


Now the main events… IMG_5009

Its just very satisfying… IMG_5010

Time for more red… IMG_5011

Perfection… IMG_5013

A nice refresher. IMG_5014

Let the sweets impress… IMG_5015

A very Late summer, early fall set up…IMG_5016

I am sure the leaves will become a IG signature plate. They have a fancy bar I want to try as well.. IMG_5017

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