Saison*** – San Francisco

I was this over the summer, just as the transitioned from three star to two start status. A San Francisco powerhouse of a restaurant. They have had the ‘Bar’ options for a few years and I decided to try it out on a visit to SF.

Typical to the SOMA area of SF, a converted warehouse…


I’m ready… to enter… IMG_4042

I walk by the cart of happiness… Sadly, I do not drink anything on this cart…IMG_4043

I have a seat at the bar… IMG_4044

I order a wine… IMG_4047

Private label. IMG_4048

And I begin… I usually do not do any wine parings as its always too much wine… IMG_4049

I checked out the restroom and its fancy like most 3 star establishments. IMG_4051

The elaborate set up… IMG_4056

Herbal tea. But this was served after my wine… maybe if they told me about the tea I would have drank the wine after this… IMG_4057

The highlight of the meal… the famous toast. IMG_4058

Seafood at its finest… it was good. IMG_4059

Another course, and elaborate set up…


The next step up has impressive tools… IMG_4061

Simple yet tasteful… IMG_4063

Needed a red this this one…IMG_4065

I had ordered a glass of white right before the course so I had both red and white wine… IMG_4077

Then the sweets… IMG_4078

Sweets part two… IMG_4079

One for the road… IMG_4080

On the road…IMG_4082

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