Icon Brickell Spa – Miami

The pool area at this spa has been famous for a long time. If you are staying at the complex or book a treatment at the spa you have access to the pool area all day, Go early as in the evening it gets kind of crowded… It is truly unique, various odd shaped pools overlooking the bays of Miami with a giant chandelier in a library setting… The treatment I got was good, spas are always dependent on who does your treatment, and not the facilities… although nice facilities help…

I used the wrong entrance and had to walk across an outdoor pool which I do not have access too… it was really nice… IMG_5253

The unique design concepts are everywhere… IMG_5254

Painting on the floor… IMG_5255

Its like walking in the future… IMG_5257

Then first view of the pool lounge area… its beautiful…  IMG_5260

Another view… I am sure its better at night with the lights. IMG_5261

I check in and I need to change… IMG_5265

Unique interiors through out. I prepare for my treatment… IMG_5266

After my hour treatment… I relax at the pool area… it has hot and cold pools… its really relaxing.. I could spend all day here… IMG_5277

Nice showers. IMG_5316

Even the waiting areas are nice… Its worth a trip to experience the facilities… but like any spa it all depends on the person who is administering the treatment. IMG_5321

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