Abu Simbel – Egypt

Over the summer I went to Egypt. As a child learned how the temples at Abu Simbel were moved due to the construction of the Aswan High Dam. I won’t go in the the history or other information that is already available. The temples are located at the Southern Tip of Egypt, it’s far and expensive to get to from Cairo.

There are few tours that start at Cairo, and they pick you up EARLY for the first flight out of the airport to Aswan. IMG_3514

Flying over the desert IMG_3518

After you land at Aswan you have to drive for 3 to 4 hours before getting to the temple area… on the way there I was wondering if it was worth all the pain and effort… It was  over 40C and it was still early in the morning… You can see mirages all the way there… IMG_3523

I was going to sit on the road but I would have gotten burned… IMG_3526

After you park and walk for what seem like forever and many tourist shops you see the Nile again… and then the anticipation in the extreme heat builds up. IMG_3534

Then you see it for the first time… and it is impressive… The time I went it was so hot that there were only a few people… IMG_3538

Then I was able to take a sit down and take my picture… alone… The sun was so hot that it was cooler to cover myself up…


Then the other temple… just as impressive… They do have a night show, but I decided to skip… If you want to take pictures inside you have to pay more… IMG_3559

A view of both temples… IMG_3565

After the temples, I went to Aswan to visit another ‘moved’ temple in the middle of the Nile. I took a boat… and to my surprise…. its the ‘Blue Nile’… IMG_3580

Due to the extreme heat the temple was almost empty as well. IMG_3584

Then on my way back to the Aswan Airport… I enjoyed some time floating down the Nile… It was very expensive, but I had limited time and let me explore Cairo more and well worth my time. IMG_3616

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