L’Atelier Robuchon** – New York revisit

I went back to try another pasta dish… But first a glass of wine. Look at the bar the lighting is perfect… IMG_3222

The menu is filled with things I could never afford. But they always have good entry level items to select from… IMG_3223

A glass of white to start the experience. IMG_3224

I get super hungry… IMG_3226

Then I am seated at the counter as I am alone. IMG_3229

The traditional starters… always a good start. IMG_3232

There is never enough bread, people say don’t eat the bread as you get full, but the bread is just too good. IMG_3233

This caviar starter leaves me speechless every time… IMG_3238

You can see the team hard at work. IMG_3241

This must be an intermezzo dish as I did not order this… it was good like everything else. IMG_3242

Then the PASTA… IMG_3245

I am happy… IMG_3246

I get a glass of Sauternes and chocolate souffleIMG_3253

A close up. IMG_3254

Then two sweets and coffee for the road… I can not wait to go back for more. IMG_3255

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