Intersect by Lexus – New York

A cafe / bar / restaurant / art exhibit / run by Lexus, the chef changes every once in a while… I sat down at the bar for a few drinks before dinner in the neighborhood.

The first floor is a gallery with Lexus related concepts withe a cafe. IMG_2156

Its small…IMG_2164

Nice interior… IMG_2165

The restrooms are spotless… IMG_2176

The restaurant and bar is on the 2nd floor. The art exhibits are on the 3rd floor. I have yet to see the art work… IMG_2547

Nice seating areas in the bar with lots of coffee table books. IMG_3207.1

Its wine time… IMG_3207

The weather is warm so this one will do. IMG_3208

Then something stronger… IMG_3211

its good…. IMG_3213

I see an interesting glass… its for drink called Nemo. I do not order it.. but just wanted to see the glass… IMG_3214

A few people ask about the glass without ordering anything…. IMG_3215

The bar…. its like a candy store… IMG_3216

I try a fancy one… smoked and everything… IMG_3217IMG_3218

Its good… IMG_3219

Then one for the road before dinner…. Everything was so good… Day drinking is best was the bar is never crowded… IMG_3221

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