The Polo Bar – New York

Full immersion Ralph Lauren style… its located off 5th Ave across the street from the St. Regis Hotel so its a nice area filled with nice things. I think this place is reservation only, I saw that there was a table for 1 at the first seating so I booked it as I was already in the city.

As you can see the branding is unmistakable.


It looks nice… The is a person in the vestibule that acts as a velvet rope.  IMG_2883

You first enter the bar area and its beautiful. I ask if I can have a drink before I get seated… every one there is super nice… IMG_2884

There are bar area seats too, it just feels what a traditional private club or a nice private golf course club house would look like, but done to perfection… IMG_2885

I get a glass of wine… and as expected its good… IMG_2886

Cheers… I was dressed on the sporty side, but a lot of others were more dressed up than me. So dress accordingly… IMG_2888

I asked if they have any special bottles just for the establishment.. and they do… big fancy places usually have a special bottle just for the establishment. IMG_2887

Sides that come with the drink… the fried olives are great. IMG_2890

Then I am taken downstairs… IMG_2891

Seated in a corner… It was nice as I was alone… they make me feel good by saying only celebrities and VIPs sit in this area because its secluded. Nevertheless I like my seat assignment. IMG_2892

Set set up is very classic old school, but basic in a nice way. IMG_2894


And it begins… first the bread… its good… then I order a burger… I wanted to see how they can put their own twist on it… IMG_2896

The interior is easy on the eyes… you almost forget you are in the basement of a large building.   IMG_2897

The place fills up quick. IMG_2898

I ask for a salad to replace my french fries… I try to stay healthy… the burger is solid and good. The Burger at a fancy place I feel like is a barometer on how much effort and quality they put to a dish that is almost already perfect on its own. IMG_2899

I also feel the restroom is an extension of the establishment, a place where the most intimate of events happen. Nice bathroom nice place… They even painted the ceiling to match the tiles a nice touch… IMG_2901

Maybe next time I should dress in some polo gear…IMG_2903

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