RH Rooftop – New York

The Meatpacking District is where big companies come to show off you will find lots of flagship concept spaces in this area. RH has a large building in the center of the action. With Floors of exhibition space parts of the place looks like a modern palace and or a museum. IMG_2129

Flagship shops have been opening F&B outlets to attract attention and also stay relevant. The RH Boutique has a cafe and wine section where you can either sit outside, or many patrons just sit on the furniture displays…


I guess this is as full immersion as it gets… you can feel like you are eating and drinking at home… If you had tons of money… IMG_2513IMG_2134

Just as it should everything looks perfect…IMG_2135The elevator get a bit crowded so I take the stairs… and a selfie…IMG_2512

Once at the top you can see it has the outdoor / indoor feel and a chandelier at almost every table. IMG_2521.1

Menu is simple… IMG_2521I get ribeye and its good…. IMG_2526

Day drinks are in order…  IMG_2529

They also have a wine terrace but it was too crowded, I could not even get close… Also this place does not seem to have a reservation system… so go early get your name on the list then come back… Its really nice up there… its a nice way to spend some time with your meal… IMG_2532

Some sweets… Maybe they could go more fancy with the sweets… IMG_2533

Coffee so I can drink more later… IMG_2534

Even the bathroom is nice… Not an everyday place, but look forward to going back…  IMG_2538

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