Iris by Searcys – London – UK

A bar with a view, located at the top of London’s Gherkin Building, it used to be a private club for members, but now is open to the public with timed reservation for the bar. As I was on a tight schedule, I decided to get the first spot, to start day drinking before I head to the airport.

The City of London in the heart of London is a financial hub. The Gherkin is a unique building that shapes the modern London Skyline. I walk towards the building and you can see the curve…


Lots of old and new buildings… IMG_2014

I made an online reservation and got another confirmation by email, I get to the building lobby by 11am. I check in at the lobby desk, do an airport style security check and go to the elevators… the building is super modern… IMG_2016

Going to a bar Sunday morning its empty… felt like a space ship in a SciFi movie…IMG_2017

Going up…. IMG_2018

Everything is simple… IMG_2019

I get to the first sky lobby 37th floor… where there is a coat check… IMG_2020

Then have to take another elevator to the 39th floor…IMG_2022

Not many people…IMG_2023

I arrive at the restaurant level…IMG_2024

There are some persons already dinning… IMG_2025

But the bar is up another flight of stairs. There is an elevator but I think its for persons of limited mobility.IMG_2026

The dome takes center stage… IMG_2027

I am the 3rd person there… IMG_2028

The 360 degree view of the fog and rain of London. The views are grand and worth the trip. Its better than paying other observatories just to take an elevator, might as well get a drink.IMG_2029

I am seated to view the Tower Bridge and the Tower of London. IMG_2030

Looking back you can see the top of the other buildings… IMG_2031

Selfie… IMG_2032

The rain clutters my view… I wait for my menu… IMG_2033

I am sure it would be best to visit at sunset. IMG_2035

I get my menu and I am ready for my drink… IMG_2037

I order my beer… IMG_2039

I walk around… IMG_2043

Cheers! Day drinks are the best. IMG_2050

The rain stops and I get a clear view… IMG_2053

I get to see the other building with an observation deck. IMG_2055

I am sure sunsets on a clear day are the best time, also the night view with the city lights would be better than the morning, but it was worth the trip.

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