L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon* – Convent Garden – London

I continue my quest to eat at every Robuchon in existence, I asked my hotel to get a reservation for me and they squeeze me in between a seating. I decided to walk to the restaurant from the hotel. A classic view of a phone booth and a bus… I’m in London for sure…


The entire building seems to be the restaurant. They also have a roof top bar but it seemed to be closed when I was there. IMG_1872.1.1.1

I am ready to eat. IMG_1872.1.1

Very generous seating area. IMG_1872.1

The ingredient wall… Red, black, and white orchids…. the theme for all L’Ateliers…IMG_1872

I check my coat and I walk in… things are familiar… warm… IMG_1874

I am seated on the bar in the back. Perfect as I am dining alone. IMG_1875

I am given a few menus, I take the there course… IMG_1877

This bread was a new one… it was exceptional… IMG_1878

I did not even put the napkin on my lap… IMG_1879

Time for wine… I asked the sommelier to recommend a glass. IMG_1880

It’s good… and my foie gras amuse bouche… the foam is soft and rich. IMG_1881

My first… perfect. IMG_1882

Its like a work of art… IMG_1883

My fish… perfect… IMG_1884

Plus the famous mashed potatoes…  IMG_1885

Recently I have been getting more into chocolate desserts… this one is perfect too… IMG_1886

I like my large format wine Sauternes… it is perfect too… IMG_1887

Coffee… its perfect… IMG_1888

A few last sweets before hitting the road and again it’s perfect. There is a consistency with Robuchon… It is what I expect in fine dinning, and it is always a treat and a great experience… I have a few more left in to visit to reach my goal of eating at every Robuchon on Earth. IMG_1889

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