The Ritz Club – London – UK

There is a private membership club and casino in the former ball room of The Ritz London. Guests in Residence at The Ritz have complimentary access to The Ritz Club. The Club has a Bar and Restaurant, Casino and a Cigar Bar with outdoor facilities in the middle of London. I did was too full from dinner to try the restaurant food, also I did not even try to gamble. I did not even ask what the table minimums were… It seemed like James Bond would walk around the corner and drop some serious Sterling…

There is a mirrored door with a discreet sign… IMG_1913

Ring the doorbell…IMG_1914

I get to the other side of the door… there is also an entrance from the street level… but as a hotel guest use the hotel entrance… IMG_1915It’s nice… and gets nicer… IMG_1916

I first go to the Cigar Bar to check it out. I pass the casino…. its beautiful… IMG_1917

Pass a long hallway… IMG_1918

Enter the display room… IMG_1919

A nice selection… so why not… I get one… IMG_1920

A display of a drink I can not afford… IMG_1921

The indoor smoking section… but I go outside… IMG_1922

The outdoor section has a breeze… IMG_1923

Seems like someone spent a serious money… I would like to have tried a little… IMG_1924

The out door section was nice… IMG_1925

Open air next to Green Park… now that is luxury… IMG_1926

Looking up the view of the hotel… IMG_1930

I head back to the Casino area to get a drink… IMG_1931

Back to the Casino… IMG_1932

This has to be the most beautiful casino I have ever seen… IMG_1933

Time for my wine… the setting left me speechless… IMG_1934

This place makes the wine taste better… just look at the place… IMG_1935

In the casino area you can see the tables in the corners.IMG_1938

Classic and ATMs… IMG_1939

You can take out up to GBP2,500… IMG_1940

Now after a few drinks time to head back. I really wanted to try the restaurant but I was too full from all the wine… IMG_1941

Head back up the stair to the hotel… I would return to stay at the Ritz just to come back to this club…  IMG_1942

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