The Ritz – London – UK

London is one of those cities filled with legendary hotels, and the Ritz is one of them, it may be old and not as modern as some of the newer luxury hotels in the city, but I have always wanted to stay here once. One issue with hotels this famous is that the public areas can get busy… Places like this are not cheap but worth the experience once in a while.

The sign is unmistakeable… I arrive at the Ritz… IMG_1826

The entry is on the side street, a small round reception area with fresh flowers… The concierge helps me with dinner reservations… IMG_1827.1

Off the lobby is the checkin desk area, its nice that it is blocked off so you can checkin with out the lobby traffic. One of the frames show the Royal Warrant. IMG_1827

After checkin, I pass the stairs… everything is beautiful… In old buildings like this its nice that you can walk up the stairs as an option to go to your room. Newer buildings make you take the elevator. IMG_1828.

I pass the long gallery… Its like palace… The lighting also makes everything look better. IMG_1828.1.1

Beyond this hidden door is a private event room… which I never get to see… I head to my room… IMG_1828.1

Classic doors to my hotel room… the door is solid wood not plywood… The rooms seem sound proof, the silence is calming. IMG_1829

They still have actual keys… I prefer Card Keys as I collect them in a binder. The key chain is so heavy that people leave the keys at the hotel desk when the go out. IMG_1828

The room is large for London. My particular room is odd shaped but I think it made it larger than other more standard rooms.  IMG_1830

Like the hotel everything is classic… There are times I want modern but at times like this I enjoy an old school classic decor hotel. IMG_1831

Never did sit on the seating area provided… But the plants were real… IMG_1832

The TV was far from the bed but that was ok… did not watch TV during my stay…IMG_1833

I know the trend these days is to get rid of hotel room desks, but I love my hotel room desks… I always get good use out of the desk. IMG_1834

Looking away from the desk, this room had two closets for those who travel with lots of clothes that need to be hanged. I did not use it but its good to have that option. IMG_1838

Fancy old school signs for the hotel room… IMG_1840

Fancy umbrellas for those rainy days… these small details add up to make a good experience. It did rain while I was in London… IMG_1841

Nice sound system to get some music going… IMG_1842

One of the two closets, I use this one to store my travel bags… IMG_1843

The bathroom was standard marble…. I like marble bathrooms… IMG_1846.1.1.1

The fixtures were old school… adds to the charm… IMG_1846.1.1

The combination tub – shower. Again its an old school set up and it takes a while to get used to. IMG_1846.1

Asprey on a tray… like most fancy things… things come in a tray…IMG_1846

The throne… IMG_1847

Towel heating rack… keeping things nice and warm… IMG_1848

Small sink… everything works and fresh flowers… IMG_1849

A towel and stool… set up for comfort. IMG_1850

Parts of the hotel has a dress code so be ready… Always travel with a jacket and shirt… also always travel with swim wear as you never know… IMG_1851

The door to my room… I am on the 3rd floor… IMG_1852

The hall way is classic… IMG_1853

Like a lot of older buildings… the elevators are small… IMG_1854

The atrium tops out at my floor… IMG_1855

You can see down to the ground floor… IMG_1856

There is ample seating everywhere… IMG_1857

Not sure if I should walk or take the elevator. IMG_1858

As expected… the stairs helps you make an entrance… IMG_1859

I take the “lift”. IMG_1860

It is small but nice… IMG_1861

No more than two people can really fit comfortably. IMG_1862

Going down… IMG_1863

I head down to the ground floor to see the lobby after the crowds have gone… its beautiful… IMG_1950

Every corner is nice… IMG_1951

I go to the hotel bar for a drink! It was popular place… I got the last seat and other people were turned away… IMG_1952

Its art deco here…. IMG_1954

I get wine… and a few glasses at that… IMG_1955

Bottled just for the hotel… and its good… I always ask if they have a hotel or restaurant has anything bottled especially for the establishment. IMG_1956

Wine is always a treat…IMG_1958

After a few glasses, I walk around and stop by area they do their famous High Tea… IMG_1959

Gold is the theme… IMG_1960

It usually get really busy here during the day with guests…IMG_1961.1

A close look at the fountain…IMG_1961

I head to one of the elevator banks to go back to my room…. IMG_1962

Turn down service has occurred… Everything is new again. IMG_1963

The slippers come out… IMG_1964

Its really soft… I think about buying a pair then I come back to my senses…. IMG_1971

Water is provided… a nice option as buying water can get costly… After all that wine hydration is key… IMG_1972

The hotel also provides portable network connection so you don’t have to do global roaming or buy a sim card for your phone… IMG_1977

My morning paper arrives… I am super hungry… IMG_1980

Water set up in the lobby for guests… IMG_1985

Going to the main restaurant for breakfast… I am the first to arrive… IMG_1986

It’s a grand space…  IMG_1990

The buffet set up as grand as the room itself. IMG_1991

My compulsory gold statues with breakfast…   IMG_1992

The amount of real silver on my table was ridiculous… It must have weighed a ton…  IMG_1994

They don’t take pictures for you here, they said something about a no photo policy a the restaurant. IMG_1995

I require coffee and tea… Tea first and then coffee with the main breakfast dish… IMG_1998

It was a very short stay. This is a place I am definitely coming back to.

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