In Situ* – SF MOMA -San Francisco

On a visit to SF I finally got to visit In Situ at the SF MOMA, a unique concept where the restaurant is a museum as well with menu selections from famous restaurants around the world. The interior and setting is very simple like other Cory Lee establishments, I had lunch and it was well worth my time. I can also see how the menu selection can affect how your meal goes so choose carefully.

The restaurant is on the first floor…

1 img_1346

I get there super early, and was glad to find that the lobby of the SF MOMA has a Sight Glass coffee booth, so I get my caffeine fix. They have a special brew for the museum. 3 img_1348

The Branding works well for the modern museum.4 img_1349

After coffee I enter the restaurant, first I stop by the lounge section… 5 img_1381

Communal tables with street views… around the corner there is a small surprise… 6 img_1382

A small library of books on food and art… 7 img_1384

I opt for wine… and it is good… 8 img_1386

Now I am seated at my table… the tables are toward the back… simple layout. img_1270

The simplicity continues…. img_1271

The first dish we ordered is called Emancipation with squid ink, from The Man Behind the Curtain, Leeds England. It was beautiful… the dish actually looked more like abstract art as I started cutting and eating my dish… hard to describe but true. img_1272img_1273

Then it was eggplant bolognese… it was good too… img_1315

The bolognese called for some bread… the butter was really good too. img_1320

Then the cheesecake with hazelnut, white chocolate cookie from Albert Adria, Tickets… Always wanted to go to Tickets… so had to try… makes me want to go now… img_1323

Then we had the Egg Illusion from Accursio Ristorante. Again hits the spot. img_1324

Over all the lunch was really good. I would go back just to drink wine in the lounge and can’t wait to go back when the menu changes.

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