Le Meurice – Breakfast – Paris

If you want a fancy breakfast in Paris look no further than the Le Meurice Hotel. The hotel is another one of the Palace Designation hotels in Paris so you know its going to be fancy.

I got one of the first reservations of the day, as I am not staying at the hotel. The entrance is fancy already…


A unique twist on the holiday tree… IMG_1051.12

I take a peek in the Dali restaurant before I head to my breakfast… IMG_1051

Then I am seated at my table… and I am blown away… it is impressive… overall the service was perfect, the bread was good and the butter and other condiments were great… it was worth the time and money. IMG_1052.1

I get the menu… and I discuss my preferences and order…  IMG_1052

The first setting… everything was good… IMG_1053

The butter… the butter… butter makes everything good… IMG_1054

Not sure where to start… IMG_1055

Then my second setting comes out… the bread… the fruits… and finally the coffee… IMG_1056

The yogurt was actually really good…  IMG_1057

Had to get a shot of me… and the room… IMG_1059

You can see it still dark out side… IMG_1064

My third setting with my eggs Benedict…  IMG_1066

It was not as warm as I would have liked it… but nevertheless it was good…IMG_1067

To set the right mood, they have a TV fire place. IMG_1070

And I require coffee and tea… IMG_1071

If I had more room to eat I would have tried the dim sum… When in Paris, I would go back to have breakfast here again! Perhaps do lunch or dinner here… IMG_1072

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