L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon**- Saint-Germain – Paris

In my quest to visit every Robuchon in existence I could not pass up the mothership in Paris… So I went for lunch. Recently I have started ordering single dishes versus doing a tasting every time…

It was a rainy day in Paris… IMG_1119

I am seated at the bar section… Everyone there seems to be a regular but me… All the other patrons knew the staff by name and vice versa… It is a fancy place… IMG_1120.1

They have decorated for the holidays… IMG_1120.12

I am seated next to the door… IMG_1120.15

The familiar plate setting…  IMG_1120

The menu… IMG_1122

Can not get enough of this bread…IMG_1123

The starters… IMG_1125

I only ordered the main dish… the fish is perfect… the dumpling is a unique touch… and tasted really good… IMG_1128

The famous side dish… IMG_1129

Everyone there was ordering the ham… I did not… IMG_1130

The pre-dessert… IMG_1131

Never tried this one… IMG_1132

It had coconut… and was perfect. It is always a good meal at Robuchon… look forward to my next one… IMG_1133

A few sweets for the road… Now off to the next Robuchon… IMG_1134

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