Chateau de Versailles – France

The ultimate in suburban living standards, Versailles… a unique set of circumstances left Paris empty and Versailles was no different. I got there early and was in the Chateau in less than 10 minutes, there were no more than a few people around me at any time and at times I was totally alone… The line was short when I got there around the time they opened… IMG_1075

The buses filled with tourists started to line up after I entered the Chateau… The sun started to rise and light up the sky… IMG_1077

Instead of showing the same images you can see online… I wanted to show how empty the place was… Plus the winter winds kept everyone inside… IMG_1078

Another view of the gardens… IMG_1079

I enter the state apartments… there are a few people in each room… IMG_1080

This is my second time here… this time I spend more time looking out the window…  IMG_1081

Finally the Hall of Mirrors. There were about 10 persons there… and a mirror selfie… IMG_1087

It was cloudy and dark so they kept the lights on. And I kept on looking out to the gardens this time… IMG_1088

I had the third of the hall to my self… IMG_1092

Another view of the hall… IMG_1094

The view of the grand canal. IMG_1095

The other end of the hall where the Queen’s Apartments are were closed.IMG_1096

Some tourists in the background… IMG_1107

More tourists arrive… so I leave to see the rest of the Chateau… IMG_1108

In the King’s bed chamber… looking to the main courtyard… you can see the tourist build up… IMG_1111

The clock in the bed chamber kept the right time… IMG_1116

I pass from room to room… and enjoyed the rare calm atmosphere… I would go again to see the other parts of the estate. IMG_1118

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