The Westin Paris – France

I stayed at the Westin Paris, but unlike the name is not actually in Place Vendome, but on Rue de Castiglione facing the Tuileries. The location is perfect, close and walking distance to most things in Paris. The rooms are larger than most other hotels in Paris, a city famous for tiny rooms.

The city was shut down… just my luck… but the silver lining is that the city was empty.


A rare sight… IMG_0953.2

Lots of things were boarded up… IMG_0953.3

The entrance to the hotel is fancy like most things in Paris… IMG_0953.4

At night they light out the place with holiday decorations… IMG_0953.5

The inner entrance to the hotel… IMG_0953.6

The hallway to the reception and elevators… The hotel is fancy.IMG_0953.7.1

Fancy with a modern twist… IMG_0953.7

On my way up to my room… IMG_0953.8.1

The rooms are more on the modern side and as stated before are considered large. For the location and facilities I think the hotel is a great value price point. IMG_0954

The room is perfectly fine and clean… The high ceilings are great.  IMG_0955

It is also bright. IMG_0956.1

Another view, this room had large closet space as well. This comes in handy as some places in Paris have a strict dress code. IMG_0956

The bathroom had everything it needed. The lights in the mirror are a nice touch. IMG_0957

Lots of natural light was great! IMG_0958

In Paris even the interior view rooms have a good view… IMG_0959

Now its time to explore the city.. but since everything is closed… I go looking for a drink.


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