The Ritz – Paris – France

It’s famous for lot of reasons, its expensive and they treat you like Royalty, so it’s worth a visit.  I did not stay there, but drank my way through the place. The establishment is a Palace Designation hotel, so even more fancy than any stars that can be awarded. Special circumstances have shut down Paris, even closed the all the monuments, but hotel bars were open so I started day drinking…  joie de vivre! I went to the first bar the Ritz Bar at the far end of the hotel, its a long walk… but the drinks were good.

An empty city… was not sure if the Ritz was even open…


The shops around Place Vendome were boarded up and closed… IMG_0969

The Ritz has a famous gallery… its long and filled with things I could never dream of purchasing… It’s a nice walk…IMG_0970

I get to the Ritz Bar, and I sit at the bar. This place is a lot smaller than I though… IMG_0971

I get a drink and its really nice… IMG_0972

Looks perfect… and I am happy to start off the day… IMG_0973

The bar set up is just nice… IMG_0974

A bar selfie… IMG_0976

After my drink I have a dinner reservation so I have to leave the Ritz. The hotel is recently renovated so everything is pristine… IMG_0977

Its the holidays… I think the place had a few trees… IMG_0978

There is no one at the entrance… IMG_0979

Then me! IMG_0981

After dinner I came back as the other places near my hotel was closed. This is the seating area right in front of the entrance to the hotel… The public areas of the hotel were intimate and not as grandiose as other hotels…  IMG_1020

Again the place is close to empty… IMG_1021

Pass the tree again… IMG_1022

Then pass the first main hallway again…  IMG_1023

Pass the high tea area… IMG_1024

Pass the long gallery of things I will most likely never buy… IMG_1025

I made my way to the Hemingway Bar… This place was packed, and if it was not for the slow weekend in Paris, I would have mostly likely never got in. It’s filled with lots of  Police and Fire department badges from the across the pond.  IMG_1026

They have a unique menu. and its even for sale. IMG_1027

So it was after dinner and I have wine… IMG_1028

It’s the ‘best’ bar in the world! IMG_1029

I think I agree with the quote… I also have a mix drink but did not take a picture of it. Then the Bar started to get really full not one empty seat in the place so I decided to move to another bar… IMG_1030

I end up at the Bar Vendome, this place was empty so much more enjoyable than the Hemingway Bar. Inspired by the Hemingway quote I try a glass of the bubbles… and its good.  IMG_1032

Nice bars always give nice treats that really make a difference.IMG_1033

They have small Louis XIII for those on a budget…IMG_1034

My face is bright red by now… but the room is red so I don’t look so bad… IMG_1035

A sample of an exceptional bottle… Never tried anything like it…  IMG_1036

Liquid gold… perfect for after dinner… IMG_1038

I think I need to call it a night… IMG_1039

I zoom in on some rare stuff on the top shelf… IMG_1040

The liquid journey that was the Ritz Paris was great. Felt like a Monarch at a fraction of the price… IMG_1041

I walked around the square… Then back to my less fancy hotel… IMG_1042

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