Chateau de Frontenac – Quebec – Canada

I went to Quebec in November and it was cold, it was 1 degree F… so staying at this hotel was ideal with its central location, did not have to walk much to tour the city. Its a famous hotel… so I wanted to see what it was about. Also brush up on your French… everyone will start with French before speaking English… From the outside it looks like a Loire Valley chateau but much larger… 2 IMG_0741

On my visit there was a lot of snow… 3 IMG_0742

And super windy… 4 IMG_0744

The view was nice but again it was so cold that I would not stay out much… 5 IMG_0745Older Grand hotels like this have grand public spaces… 6 IMG_0739

Christmas starts early here in Canada… 7 IMG_0740

The hallway seems curved…8 IMG_0771

I have an interior view… for once the interior view is not so bad. IMG_0719

The view of the main tower… IMG_0722

My room itself was large. One thing is that its kind of a let down as the public spaces are very grand but the rooms are so simple… IMG_0724

The bed was comfortable. IMG_0725

Rooms are classic and can use an upgrade… The corner sitting area was nice… IMG_0726

The room could have used some art work. IMG_0727

The seats were nice but not that comfortable… IMG_0729IMG_0730

The toiletries were solid.  IMG_0731.1

The bathroom was small, like most older hotels. IMG_0731

The mini bar was standard… IMG_0733

Never got why they put the tray on the bed… IMG_0735

The layout is unusual…IMG_0737

I get a table to eat at the hotel restaurant, and they take advantage of the view… the clouds are setting up to catch the sunset light. IMG_0755

When in Quebec… Poutine… with a add on… IMG_0758

The sunset begins… and it does not disappoint… IMG_0763

After all that food I go to the gym… IMG_0767

Its open 24 hours… IMG_0768

its small but has everything you need… its also empty… IMG_0769

I got out for a walk at night… its beautiful at night… but it was even colder… IMG_0773IMG_0775

Things close early here… or maybe its just for the winter… IMG_0776

Like I said… Lots of snow… IMG_0782

In the morning I order breakfast.. something with the famous Canadian Maple Syrup… Room service is called royal service here…IMG_0804.1

I love room service… royal service… IMG_0804

Would like to revisit… maybe when its warmer…

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