Rarities – New York

There are bars and then there is Rarities… Located on the upper lobby level of the New York Palace Hotel, it lives up to its name and once you enter you get your selection of rare drinks. Its mostly liquors and wine, no mixed drinks… I think… Its a members bar and reservation only… so either stay at the hotel make sure to make a reservation in advance or ask a member if you know one.

Located in the restored historic part of the Villard House, the entrance is fancy, and unless you know where it is, it is not easy to spot. IMG_0291

I get a seat… the table is fancy… and begin to study the menu…


I am seated at the near the entrance. The place feels like a fancy home… well the hotel lobby area used to be homes for New York’s most wealthy so… its as fancy as it gets. IMG_0256

Everything about this place is grand… well its called the palace…IMG_0257

You can see the lobby from my seat. The door does not stay open for long… IMG_0260

I order a flight as it seemed reasonable… Some of the rare drinks were out of reach for me… IMG_0261

Each one is good… They asked me to start with the Port Dundas, then the Oban then finish with the Talisker… I followed their suggestion… IMG_0262

Some snacks and I also asked for some water… IMG_0263

After of few sips of my flight, I walked around to see some of the rare bottles on display… One can dream… Some of these bottles I have only seen in print or online… I want them all… Mac 60 years…IMG_0264

A cognac I have always wanted to taste… I have seen the bottle at other high end restaurants… I don’t even know the name… IMG_0266

One of my favorites… The Black Arts! I have had a few of these…  IMG_0267

Not sure what this is, but I assume it will cost as must as a car to buy the bottle… IMG_0268

Limited bottles from J Walker… IMG_0269

One of my favorite brands… IMG_0270

I sit back down at my seat to continue to sip my flight… the view from my seat is nice with St Patricks and 30 Rock in the background. IMG_0271

After a few more sips I get up again to look at more bottles… IMG_0272

Never seen this before… I want one of these…IMG_0273

I stood and looked at this one for like 5 mins… They asked me if I wanted to order… I had to lie and tell them I already had too much… IMG_0275

Not sure what this is but sure looks good… IMG_0276

I really wanted to ask for a sample… IMG_0277

There are is so much on display… IMG_0278

Its was just too much to handle… even just to look at… IMG_0279

This is the second room in the establishment… They have a private restroom upstairs and also connected to the lower bar of the hotel lobby. IMG_0280

I got one last glass before I leave… an old world Grand Cru…IMG_0283

Some California wines to remind me of Napa… IMG_0284

The team there informs one on how rare this one is… IMG_0285

Me on the way out… As you can see my face is flush red from the flight and glass of wine… I hope I can return again… IMG_0290

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