Le Bernardin*** Lounge revisit – New York

Always hits the spot.

I was out in the City and was still feeling hungry after a light lunch. I passed by Le Bernardin and decided to stop by the lounge to get a drink and some food. This place never ceases to impress. The drinks, food and service was perfect.

I walk in and sit at the bar, its late but the place is still busy. I get the menu…


First I order wine… IMG_0240

I treat myself, it was more than what I would pay for a glass of wine… but hey Carpe Diem! It was good…  IMG_0242

I would have liked more… IMG_0243

The Lounge has the option to get the course meals, but I only get bar food… IMG_0244

My first dish I get fish to complement my white wine…. IMG_0245

I drink more wine and I order another glass… IMG_0246

Caviar sandwiches… does not look so elegant but it was great. IMG_0248

As I wait for my dessert I get a late harvest wine… IMG_0250

I love figs…IMG_0251

A closeup… I would go to the lounge just to eat the sweets again. IMG_0253

One more glass of wine… one for the road! IMG_0254

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