Barnes Foundation, Revisit – Philadelphia

On my drive back from Fallingwater I stopped by Philadelphia and decided to stop by the Barnes Foundation again. I felt like the first time I visited I did not spend enough time there. This is a place you can visit over and over again. The first time I went it was a newly relocated, and everything was pristine. This time the museum seemed a little broken in, rough around some edges and not as polished as it once was. Maybe that is the way it was designed to be as the original museum set up was Barnes Residence, the founder’s actual home.

The museum used to have timed tickets and did not allow photography, I don’t think its timed and now they allow pictures in the galleries. Visitors now have to buy their ticket downstairs and come back up…

The entrance is as grand and modern a contrast to the intense art collection inside. The reflection pool really helps with a calming atmosphere.


Its just really nice around here…IMG_0165

The grand court yard… but its indoors actually… IMG_0166

I enter the first main room, I think it is the largest room and are greeted with many many masterpieces. IMG_0167

Room after room is filled this some of the best works of art… IMG_0168

The set up is an unorthodox display method… IMG_0169

I used my wide angle lens to try to capture a larger view… IMG_0170

The rooms are small… so it can get crowded quickly… IMG_0171

Most of the paintings are symmetrically hung… IMG_0172

Back to the central main hall… IMG_0173

The number of works is impressive… IMG_0174

There are two enfilades on the first floor.  IMG_0176

A selfie with one of their most famous works. IMG_0177

You can see the symmetry…IMG_0178

A closeup one of the corners. IMG_0179

Zoom in… IMG_0180

There is also a second floor with with even more art… its really too much to see at once and repeat visits are needed to really see the entire collection.

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