Fallingwater – Mill Run – PA

Fallingwater is located near Pittsburgh, PA. It was a long drive from New York, but worth the drive. If you are a fan of Frank Lloyd Wright, go its worth it. Its beautiful, it still innovative even after all these years and it is just a pleasant way to spend the afternoon. It was the last days of warm weather and you could feel the temperature drop for the fall…

The drive was nice… the PA country side is really pleasant…


After hours… I arrive at the estate and drive down a forrest road. IMG_0091

I get to the parking lot… parking is limited so go early… Also buy tickets before you go. IMG_0092

The visitor center is an outdoor pavilion, it was nice as it was a cool day, but can not imagine what its like in mid-summer. The center keeps to the theme of the blend of nature and architecture.  IMG_0094

They hand out umbrellas for those rainy days… But no need on my visit. IMG_0095

You get a number when you check in and start your tour… you walk down a path and the first time you see the house its not the famous image you see. I was expecting a large home, but it was smaller than I expected…  IMG_0096

They do not allow pictures from the inside, but you can see here, the ceiling seem low for a modern day house. Also the number of beds seemed to be limited to have guests. IMG_0100

Even before you enter the house you can hear the stream, you can hear the stream through out the house. It must have been therapeutic… IMG_0102

The famous cantilever structures of the house….  The entire house does seem to float…. We enter the house. The theme of nature and the use of architecture to enhance the nature’s experience is really unique. IMG_0103

The tour ends on top of the hill where the guest house is. The house and guest house does not have A/C so it can get hot. Plus it can get really crowded… so plan accordingly. If the fall its just a nice place to be…IMG_0104

Walking back down tour the house… IMG_0105

The overpass connecting the main house to the guest house…  IMG_0106

The water runs along the rocks… IMG_0108

The long lines of the floating house… IMG_0109

Now I go to the viewing point to see the famous view of the house and waterfall…IMG_0110

Its just nice to walk around… IMG_0111

The view is really nice. nothing seems out of place. Everything just fits right in… IMG_0112

Had to take another shot with out the tour group on the balcony…  The leaves just start turning yellow. IMG_0115

And a selfie… IMG_0116

Walking back to the visitor center… IMG_0117

Lots of green everywhere. IMG_0118

I had a bite to eat at the center… It was far and maybe I will go back if I ever visit Pittsburgh. But it was worth the trip… IMG_0120


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