Le Coucou – New York

The only time I was able to get a dinner reservation was at 11pm… people on the East Coast do eat later, but this was late even for me. There are mixed reviews but it was a solid and pleasant meal. No Michelin Stars, but it is on the 100 list.

Its dark in the late summer… The logo and branding is well done. IMG_3519

Seated at little passed 11pm and its a full house… IMG_5126

The selection is hard to make. IMG_5127

I like to logo… IMG_5128

The bread… IMG_5129

and butter… butter is always good. IMG_5130

Almost done with my wine… IMG_5131

So we got oysters and lobster to start… Start with seafood… The oysters had too much lime or lemon on them already… kind of took the taste away… but the lobster was great.IMG_5132

Always order a caviar dish… always… IMG_5133

A view from the outside… IMG_5136

My second red… IMG_5137

One by one our main course arrives… duck for two was good… IMG_5138

And more… IMG_5139

And the rest… it was really good… IMG_5141

Sweets to end the meal. IMG_5142

Another treat, I finally get to taste a Chateau d’Yquem… I want the entire bottle… but reality keeps me in check…


So I get a small pour option… I enjoyed my glass…IMG_5145

I stop by the restroom before we leave. I like to see what they use… Nice hand wash… a nice touch. IMG_5147.1

A satisfied patron… I will be back. IMG_5147

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