Eleven Madison Park*** – New York

Always wanted to try Eleven Madison Park and I finally got a table at the last seating of the day. Once crowned the best restaurant in the world, it is still high up on the Top 50 list and has three Michelin Stars at the time of the visit. The food was fine dining but I am not sure if I am suffering a little disappointment from the lofty expectations of all the accolades. There were notable mistakes and did not add to the experience. Nevertheless it was a dinner I had enjoyed with two close friends.

And we walk in for our reservation. We are asked to wait a glass of bubbles or an options would have been nice… IMG_4337

We were the last seating at 9:30pm and the dinning hall was full. There was only a wine menu and no food menu to review. The entire menu was spoken to us and we had to choose as it was told to us… I thought it would have been nice to have the time to review and read the offering as being made to choose on spot… IMG_4344

Start off with cookies was unique… IMG_4354

I needed a glass of wine as I was the only one drinking that night…


Something I never heard of or tried and it was great. The Sommelier made a great selection… I take a glass… and not the bottle…  IMG_4357

Some starters… IMG_4358

Tomato tea… IMG_4359

The starter salad. IMG_4360

The happiness cart… IMG_4361

The best part of the meal…


Table side prep… IMG_4364

I am ready now… IMG_4365

My friends give me a cut of their caviar allocation… IMG_4366

Next some butter for the bread… IMG_4367

Nice and warm… IMG_4369

Foie Gras time… IMG_4370

Something light and refreshing… IMG_4371

A signature dish… IMG_4372

Another Sommelier suggested wine… I ordered the cheaper glasses of wine… IMG_4373

The main dishes start… there were a few options and as a party of three we get one of each… IMG_4374

Fish… IMG_4375

Another table side service… IMG_4378

The wrap with the skewers…IMG_4379



Sides to share… IMG_4386

Meat…IMG_4387I think this was eggplant… IMG_4388

Now some Sauternes to finish off the meal… and it was good… IMG_4389

Some condiments for the bread… IMG_4390

The bread… IMG_4391

Ice cream… IMG_4393

Peach… IMG_4395

Chocolate… IMG_4396

Not sure what this was…. IMG_4397

And one for the road… as you can see everyone else was gone by this time… IMG_4398IMG_4399

The parting gift… IMG_4400

Granola that was really good… and then the menu in a can… IMG_4401

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