Sotheby’s Viewing – New York

Auction houses around usually open their galleries to the public before an auction… and its free… Once in a while some item comes up for auction that creates some buzz and I try to go and see it. Its a chance to see things where after its sold will go unseen for years or forever. I previously registered to sit in an auction, but did not have the funds or the guts to even bid… Remember they have a wine shop on the first floor, its not all expensive stuff, they have mid priced wine also.

So for this trip they ask guests to start on the top floor… They had the major works on this floor… the ones that will make the news headlines after the auction.


You don’t see these come up much… IMG_3303

Every corner has a major work on this floor.IMG_3304

The headliner. There was enough written about this so I won’t elaborate on this Modigliani.IMG_3305


Picasso IMG_3307

More art…IMG_3308IMG_3311

The lower floors were filled with more contemporary items. IMG_3313

If you been to Seven Magic you recognize these… IMG_3314



Less people on the lower floors… IMG_3316IMG_3318IMG_3319IMG_3320.1IMG_3320

Its a mirror… but art… IMG_3321IMG_3323

The day sale is on another floor… with big names represented. IMG_3324IMG_3327IMG_3328

The top floor has a nice cafe with an outdoor terrace a rarity in New York. So take some time and stop by when there is a viewing.  IMG_3331IMG_3332


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