L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon – New York

I say it all the time, I have a quest to visit every Robuchon in existence… New York City has its very own L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon, this is the second iteration as there used to be one in the Four Seasons Hotel in Midtown years back.

It was a friend’s birthday so I force the three of us to take a late dinner… My heart starts pumping. I am excited…


As always, I try to arrive early to stop by the bar… The restaurant has a more casual LE GRILL section with a large bar. I have a glass of Beaujolais to start… IMG_3552

They seat us… my friends decided to get the four course….IMG_3554

I go a three course a la carte… I wanted a large caviar dish and another Robuchon fan told me I needed to try the pasta… so it go for it. IMG_3555IMG_3556

The starter always hits the spot. IMG_3557

The familiar bread… each one has its place and complements each other… IMG_3558

I decided to go for white wine… but my picture focus was off… IMG_3560

Just look at it… it was amazing… caviar and poached egg… swoon… IMG_3561

I can not stop looking at it… I clean the plate. IMG_3571

The tasting caviar, wasabi and asparagus. IMG_3572

2nd course of the tasting… IMG_3573

2nd course of the tasting…IMG_3574

Then its time!!! My spaghetti..  IMG_3575

It was good, it was worth it and I would eat it again… IMG_3576

Then the main for my friend’s meal… duck and cherries… IMG_3577

Bass and Uni… and the famous Robuchon mash potatoes. IMG_3578

Time for the sweets… One of my friends love chocolate…IMG_3583

Happy Birthday…. IMG_3584

I decided to do the tasting for the sweets… IMG_3585

Not the carrot cake was unique… and the ice cream was really good.. IMG_3586

The last few delights… IMG_3587

Everyone has cleared out. IMG_3588

Robuchon himself was to make a appearance, but he did not make it so they gave us cook books…IMG_3589

Signed by the chef himself! IMG_3590

A typical dinning table….IMG_3591

Some rare DNC wines… I can only dream! IMG_3592

Next to the private dinning there are some fancy bottles on display and it seems they were served that night… these are some fancy people! IMG_3596

Next time I want to do private dinning. IMG_3597

On my way out we pass by the LE GRILL… its a nice space. IMG_3598

A selfie for the road… I can wait till the next excuse to go back. IMG_3599

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