Per Se has a lounge section where they provide a shorter version of the full traditional fine dining experience. The food was exceptional, the service was a bit more relaxed but still very polished. This is my second time to have dinner at the lounge and this time it was actually filled with patrons which was nice to see as before the lounge was mostly empty…

It was a friend’s birthday… IMG_3426

I am happy to be seated…


The friend picks an outstanding wine… IMG_3428IMG_3429.1.1

I don’t know much about wine, but it was saw just delicious… IMG_3429.1

Staring off with a staple of Per Se and the French Laundry… IMG_3429

High end cookies… always good… IMG_3430

Then the signature dish. It is always good… just as the first time… IMG_3435

Again I could not be happier… IMG_3436.1

Done… IMG_3436

A member of the party does not do oysters so they get this… with avocado… it was exceptionally good… IMG_3437.1

Salts for the fois Gras!!!IMG_3437

And its good…IMG_3442.1.1.1

Scallops with cherries… IMG_3442.1.1

Veal… IMG_3442.1

The Birthday person orders the Wagyu… IMG_3444

Happy Birthday!!!IMG_3446

Cake time…IMG_3448.1.1

One for the road… IMG_3448

The box of happiness…IMG_3450.1IMG_3450

The table of happiness… I did not drink any of it, but just looking at it makes me happy.  IMG_3451

We leave the world of Per Se past the blue doors to the real world… wondering the next time I will return. IMG_3463

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