Peter Luger – Brooklyn, New York

Peter Luger… an institution in New York… Brooklyn to be exact… it tops many lists and it was worth the trip. Its a very old school vibe, the bar will be crowded, the staff will yell over the bar to seat guests and the dinning hall is loud with the sounds of happy carnivores.

First the large parking lot sign welcomes guests… IMG_3388

Cross the street and you see the old school traditional NYC vibes… started in 1887 so its been around for a while. IMG_3390

There is a second floor for private events and is open to patrons when not is use. IMG_3391

We stopped by the bar and it was very crowded, I am glad that we finally get a seat. The Menu… and time to order… IMG_3396

This place does not allow corkage so don’t bring you own wine… Also only cash or debit cards…. so be ready… My friend orders wine… and its good… IMG_3397

We order a serving for three… Its massive… IMG_3399

Add a few sides and dinner begins! It was good…. Its worth the trip so make your reservations… IMG_3409

My chocolate coin… it does not make it far as I eat them as soon as I got in the car… It is not every day food, and its not cheap, but it was with the trip. IMG_3411

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