Newport – Rhode Island

A weekend road trip to the Mansion of Newport in the early spring, it is best as the time of the year as the crowds are manageable. I took it slow and arrived at lunch and did the Vanderbilt’s The Breakers, the largest of the Newport Mansions, and walked the cliff walk.

First lunch. The Mooring, good view and good food. So make sure to stop by to get local beers and great sea food.


Quintessential New England… IMG_3122

The Breakers is as grand as the Gilded Age gets. I tried to take pictures that are unique and not seen everywhere, but I am not that talented. First thing… everything is fancy… IMG_3123

Sometimes look up to for a another view… IMG_3124

The family created The 400 to keep everyone else out in rooms like this.  IMG_3127

It was really hard to get pictures without other people…  IMG_3128

The details… its the details. IMG_3129

Every inch is covered… IMG_3130
Even the floor mosaics are fancy… IMG_3131

Buttons to call the staff…IMG_3132

All the rooms on the first floor are ornate, most of the bedrooms on the upper floors are more simple, but still fancy. IMG_3136

So they have platinum on the walls… because why not? IMG_3137

And the standard gold walls….IMG_3138

Room after room with gold… IMG_3139

The main entry hall from the 2nd floor. IMG_3142

The view from the cottage.  IMG_3143

Done with the cottage now about to go cliff walk. IMG_3151

Its massive… IMG_3162

The gardens… IMG_3165

The view from the cottage terrace… I can get used to this. IMG_3167

A full view of the cottage from the ocean side of the house. Its grand… IMG_3175

Close up… IMG_3176

The cliff way has great views of the ocean and natural rocks of the shore. But one sad part is that the walkway does not have views of the famous houses along the cliff walk. There were fences and hedges blocking the view of the beautiful houses so you will not see many of them along the walk, that was somewhat disappointing. IMG_3177

An ocean walk is always nice… IMG_3182

After walking half way, I head back… Its a nice way to spend a relaxing day. IMG_3188

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