Christie’s Viewing – New York

Christie’s is one of the leading auction houses in New York. Most of the auction houses offer viewings of upcoming auctions and are open to the public. It is a chance to see rare works before they are sold and not seen in public again for years.

Before the viewing I stopped by Grand Central Station, and Stopped by the Cipriani restaurant with the view of the main hall. The best place to get a drink and something to eat.


I eat at the bar… IMG_3058

A signature drink but stronger… IMG_3062

After lunch my selection of sweets… So I go with… IMG_3063

This one… then I lick the plate clean… it was good… Not fine dinning good, but more like home made good. IMG_3064

So I made it to the auction house and I am surprised by a famous reproduction of the Bureau du Roi the desk at Versailles made for the Louis XV. After seeing the original at Versailles from a far, it was nice to get a real close look. IMG_3073

They do not make them like this anymore… IMG_3074

Close up… IMG_3075

Another view… IMG_3076

I have not seen it open before so this was a treat. IMG_3077.1

Another view from the 2nd floor… IMG_3077.2

On another floor Asian art… IMG_3077.3

A limited edition Aston Martin… IMG_3077

Old Masters on display before the auction.IMG_3078

A still life, similar to something I saw at the Met. IMG_3079

These are on a higher price point than the other Old Masters on display. IMG_3080

A few modern works… a famous Koons work. Its fun after looking at all the old master works. IMG_3081

An important work…IMG_3082

I spend some time here… IMG_3090

Modern works on display… IMG_3099

More modern works… IMG_3100

There were other famous works and jewelry that was on display where potential buyers were viewing and trying things on. This is a great way to see things that you may not see again for decades or ever once they are sold.

A while back a Da Vinci was up for action that set world records. It went on a world tour and I had the chance to see it in San Francisco.

There was a line and a crowd…


A closer look… IMG_1359

And a selfie… IMG_1361

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