The Frick Collection – New York

The Frick Collection is still mostly set up like it was when the Frick’s were living there. There are many major works in this small but impactful museum. This time I went there to view the three Vermeer paintings, I find it impossible to see everything so lately I have been trying to take it in more manageable viewings not totally ignoring the other parts of the collection but taking my time to focus on one part.

Sadly this museum had a policy of no photographs except in the fountain area. Depending who you talk to there are between only 34 to 26 Vermeer painting is the world and New York has 8 of them. 3 in the Frick and 5 in the Met. The paintings were great to view in such a residential set up, its almost easy to miss them.

First this residence is massive, it takes the entire face of a block on 5th Avenue. Now this is vast wealth and its nice that we can experience it in this setting. IMG_2617.0

The main entrance on the side street. IMG_2617.1

The 5th Avenue Garden view. This garden faces Central Park so from the Museum itself it looks like a forest and the City disappears. IMG_2617IMG_2618IMG_2619

Its sure ornate. IMG_2620

For one of the most luxurious spaces in a city filled with luxurious spaces the men’s restroom in the basement looks like an abandoned mental institution. Its scary… IMG_2622

This place also has a old school phone booth and a payphone. IMG_2623So this is the only place you can take a picture. Its a peaceful garden courtyard. Its a really nice place to get some rest, most room are not far from this central garden. IMG_2624IMG_2625

I like this frog… IMG_2626.1

You can see some of the main formal rooms of the former residence beyond the glass doors. IMG_2626IMG_2627

Statues… IMG_2629

A selfie. IMG_2631

The rooms as seen from the courtyard. IMG_2632.1IMG_2632IMG_2634.1IMG_2635.1

After a view rooms I walk back to the benches here to have a seat. IMG_2635IMG_2637

Its just really a nice place to sit. The sound of the fountains are really relaxing. Most people just point and shoot and run, but just enjoy and have a seat.  IMG_2639IMG_2642

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