Ritz Carlton – Washington D.C.

Took a weekend trip to DC to see the Cherry Blossoms. I decided to use points to stay at the Ritz Carlton as every hotel in the city was expensive. I was thinking about staying at Georgetown but the options were better in the DC location.

Overall a good stay, with minor issues. The hotel’s gym is contracted out and you have to pay for it unless they comp it or you get a club level room. The hotel did grant me gym access, but I did not go as dinner and drinks kept getting in the way of me working out.

Cookies in the lobby… They were so good I had like 10… The hotel keeps to the DC theme.


The public areas are classic yet modern. Everything was nice. IMG_2853.6

Great art work through out the hotel… This is me after dinner and a few drinks. IMG_2853.7IMG_2853.8

Life imitates art at the elevator bank lobby. IMG_2853.9

The lobby lounge is beautiful… and I have many drinks there during my stay. IMG_2853.

Some very limited hard to find stuff… I try some but not all… IMG_2853.11.1.1

The lounge is made of a few rooms that open up as needed. IMG_2853.11.1

There is a unique menu for each President. IMG_2853.11

Prices range from normal to $$$$$. IMG_2853.12

The present menu is…. IMG_2853.14

Now to the room, there was only a suite available when trying to book with points so I went for it. The entry is large… IMG_2854

The powder room is right off the entry. IMG_2855

The living area also has a breakfast style table. IMG_2856

The living room… There is also a small balcony off the bedroom, but not sure any one would ever use it unless they were smokers. IMG_2857

The bedroom passed the double doors had lots of space. IMG_2859

On to the main bathroom. IMG_2860IMG_2861

The basics. Marble… Two sinks… Shower… and Tub. IMG_2862IMG_2863

Looking back to the room. IMG_2864

Looking toward the dining area. IMG_2865Closeup of the living area. The room is spacious but the wow factor is missing. This is great on points but would prefer a basic room if I was not on points.  IMG_2867

One good thing about hotels like this is their Concierge. We wanted to go to Piccolo in Georgetown, so the hotel set it up so we can get a table at a time they were booked solid. IMG_2952

Wine!!! IMG_2954

One of the best risotto I have had… IMG_2955

Sweets… IMG_2957

Looking back at the restaurant on the way back to the hotel for another drink. IMG_2960

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