Cherry Blossom – Washington DC

Every spring the Tidal Basin blooms with Cherry Blossoms. The flowers are fragile and its not so easy to see them in full blooms as the wind, rain and temperatures all affect them. One windy day and all the pedals can blow away. So its a ‘thing’ to enjoy them with your friends and family.

I drove down from NYC to DC on the weekend as the bloom forecast was at 70%. It would have been nice if it was sunny, but it was nice to see it even with the overcast.


Can not really tell here, but all the trees are in full bloom. IMG_2869

In the overcast, they almost glow… IMG_2870

A close up. IMG_2872 2

The Jefferson Memorial in the background is a nice stop along the Tidal Basin. IMG_2877

There were tons of people so I kept taking pics looking up… IMG_2878IMG_2899

Took forever to get this shot…IMG_2904IMG_2907

There is a foot in my picture…IMG_2910

Full bloom… IMG_2915IMG_2916

When the wind blow it rains flower pedals… I could not capture that in video or pics… IMG_2922

Never gets old… I walked around half the Tidal Basin… and decided to get something to eat… Its really crowded so we took a cab in and out of the area… Not sure where anyone would even park if they drove. IMG_2925

Walked to over the the Lincoln Memorial on the way back to the hotel. IMG_2941

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