Metropolitan Opera – New York

I was lucky to get a box seat ticket to the Zeffirelli production of Tourandot by Puccini. I think this is the first time I heard the set itself actually get a round of applause before the any singing. The stage of Acts 2 and 3 were visually impactful and the scale of the show is truly large. Another time the production really captivated the audience like that was when I saw Mozart’s Magic Flute by Jun Kaneko in San Francisco. As per custom there is no picture taking, but there are plenty of images and videos online so take a look if you are curious.

Box seats that I got had a partial view, with the left edges out of view. Its still bright out Lincoln Center. This is looking out from the Opera.


This the facing the opera, if you look closely you can see two large Chagall paintings on the extreme left and right windows of the building. IMG_2703

I had time to kill so I walked by the center fountain…IMG_2704

Dressed for the opera bowtie and all. IMG_2705

Looking toward Julliard. IMG_2706

If you make reservations for a pre show dinner you can roam the empty halls. I could not so I can only view from here. IMG_2707

There is a bar on every floor for guests to enjoy a drink during intermission. IMG_2710

I head back outside. IMG_2711

Between the buildings is a large reflecting pool. IMG_2712IMG_2713

A close up of the Chagall, this one by the restaurant. IMG_2715

This red one is buy the bar. IMG_2716

It begins to get dark. IMG_2717

Everything lights up, and the crowd gets larger. IMG_2718IMG_2721

Finally we are let in, I am in the Grand Tier floor box, but I stopped by every floor to see what the set up was like. You can see patrons dinning before the show. IMG_2724IMG_2726

This is the bar on the top floor, the ceiling is gold… a theme throughout the building. IMG_2728

Again gold… IMG_2729IMG_2730IMG_2731

Drinking before the show under the red Chagall… IMG_2732

Drinks on the Balcony overlooking the plaza. IMG_2736

A few of the boxes on the way to my seat. IMG_2738

A few of the audience… the boxes on the right above the orchestra floor has suites, with a separate room with the box seats.  IMG_2739

The velvet curtain separates the general seats from the boxes.  IMG_2740

Walking down the hall to the box. The box is located right next to the Director’s private box at the end of the hall.  IMG_2741

The box has seats that can be moved around and are not fixed to the floor like other theater seats. It was good as everyone can set and adjust to their comfort. IMG_2743

Look at all that gold… IMG_2747IMG_2748

A box selfie. IMG_2749

This was a new vantage point for me. Also you can see that my seats position has limited view of the rear left view of the stage. But the luxury of space and unique can close vantage point was worth it. I think this was one of the first times I actually saw the performers face… IMG_2759

Pavarotti, made this the Nessun Dorma famous and is all over youtube. Turandot and this production was worth the time. The intermission was so long some people also ate at the restaurant.  Even I went back to the bar for a snack – one large and very expensive cookie. IMG_2761 Zeffirelli production turandot

The subtitles are seen in the long screen on each seat. The screens in the box swing and move for the comfort of the patron. IMG_2762 visual artist Jun Kaneko

One nice feature is that each floor has a water bar… Operas are long and sometimes a water comes in handy. I also drove to the opera as it was estimated to be done around midnight. I parked at Lincoln Center, but comes with Manhattan parking rates so beware. IMG_2765

Not sure I will be a opera regular, but if there is a special one I would do the box again.

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