Metropolitan Museum revisit – New York

One of the world top museums, It has it’s blockbusters such as the very instagram-able Temple of Dendur, The American Wing Courtyard, the 19th – 20th Century European Paintings with famous Impressionist works and is almost always packed with crowds. But from my recent visit to Russia, I wanted to see the Kandinsky and the 3 Faberge Eggs in New York. Also a recent visit to the Frick Collection to see the 3 Vermeer’s had me wanting to revisit the 5 Vermeer paintings at the Met. You can take pictures in the main collections here so here they are…

Also the museum no longer only accepts a donation for entry. It is only free for residents of New York.

Its always crazy here…1IMG_1728

So having seen all those Faberge Eggs in Russia I wanted to see all the rest for myself. There are three in NYC as well. I think there are a few in the Royal collection in the UK and a few in Maryland and Virginia that are on display, then I will have seen most the ones that are on public display. Each egg, I think deserves its own case so one can enjoy it in all perspectives. But here in the Met like the in Moscow, it is grouped in one case.  IMG_1714.0

But still impressive… each one.  IMG_1714.1

Again to follow up with the Russia trip, I learn to enjoy the Kandinsky works more. At the Met not many people expect modern art so the galleries are more empty than the other more popular areas. IMG_1718 kandinsky

Pollock is a treat, but most people will go to MoMA for this kind of art and deal with the long lines and crowds. But at the Met, the viewing is more civilized for this work… imagine being alone with this one… IMG_1719 pollock

The European Paintings 1250-1800 Rooms are again not as popular as the other sections, but makes for the best viewings. At times empty and most enjoyable. Look at this famous Goya… You see it in text books but here you can have it all to your self.   IMG_1721 goya

El Greco, thank you… These types of paintings online or in pics do not seem so impressive, but in person, the colors the size and a unexplainable factor are overwhelming. IMG_1722 El Greco

Then again to follow up from the Frick Collection visit I focus on the 5 Vermeer paintings at the Met. Something about it grabs your attention.  IMG_2806 Vermeer

Some of the most famous works are the smallest… Remember the Mona Lisa in Paris? IMG_2807

Looks larger than life here… IMG_2808

But next to another Vermeer… its tiny… IMG_2809

The detail on the glass orb in the larger painting called the Allegory of the Catholic Faith took me by surprise. IMG_2810

Another one… this one seem so comfortable… I want to take a nap… IMG_2811

Selfie time…IMG_2812

Again a few times, I was totally alone… and this was a weekend visit. IMG_2813.1

The information says this painting darkened over time… now I want to travel to see all of Vermeer’s works. IMG_2813

So this sign says 36 works, and I only have seen 8 in NYC so far. Time to start planning to see the rest of his works. IMG_2814

A famous still life in another galllery… I like this one a lot…IMG_2815

The old masters get no love at the Met… IMG_2817

David anyone??? I have seen this one in may text books over the years…IMG_2818

On a side note… While I lived in San Francisco, I saw two Vermeer’s This one from the National Galleries of Scotland as seen below and also the Girl with the Pearl Earring both when they toured in SF, but sadly I don’t have a picture of that the latter. IMG_0602

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