Phi Phi Island – Thailand

I visited the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, Korea and it was cold to say the least as the winds were brutal, so it was nice to get on a flight to warm and sunny Thailand. I had decided to stay in Phuket and visit Phi Phi Island for a tour. The place has it pros and cons, it is a very famous spot and comes with crowds and prices to match, but it is beautiful. This was my first time in Thailand so I enjoyed my stay even if there were lots of tourists. Being a tourist myself, I should not hate the tourists either…

I like winter weather, but the wind was so harsh that it was too much even for me. A quick selfie with the Olympic Flame, then back inside. A interesting fact, is that I also saw the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, Korea. I was more than ready to ditch the coat for swim wear.


I look the early morning tour of Phi Phi Island from Phuket, the pick up was like 5am… but with my jet lag that was the perfect time. The water was choppy and the speed boat ride was long and somewhat exhausting. Maybe if I return I will stay the night at Phi Phi Don.

This this the view as the boat enters Phi Phi Ley on the famous ‘Beach’, the movie put this Island on the map… and a major Instagram spot. IMG_2084

The bay is surrounded by large cliffs. Water colors are spot on even with low sunlight as it is early morning. IMG_2087

It was low tide so we have to stop in the middle of the bay and walk. IMG_2092

Don’t forget slippers or water shoes. IMG_2093

As I walk to the beach… I admire the view. IMG_2094

Not that many people as we are one of the early ones… half way there… IMG_2097

Many boats start to arrive… and the view from the beach is great… IMG_2103

Its windy… IMG_2105

A panorama, it shows the sun is still rising as its still dark… IMG_2107

The main view… IMG_2110

As you walk to the side, the cliffs will block out the view of the sea…IMG_2112

We moved across the bay to a smaller beach to snorkel and have breakfast, that was inclusive with the tour. It was nice to have a meal set ups as the tour takes all day… This beach is empty at this time, with just our group…. IMG_2118

Breakfast is served. IMG_2122

The sun begins to rise and it starts to get hot…IMG_2126Direct sunlight… need to move over. IMG_2131IMG_2135

This side of the bay had more fish, they were colorful, there were also jelly fish I think…IMG_2136

Then we went to the large lagoon in the middle of the Island. The sun is out, and the water start to turn neon colors.  IMG_2144

By this time there are more and more boats… IMG_2149

There were two other stops, but I did not take any pictures. IMG_2151

Then we headed over to Phi Phi Don, the larger of the two islands. We stop by a beach to see some monkeys… Its filled with people. IMG_2158IMG_2159

Then we stop by our last beach to have lunch and our last swim… IMG_2160

Leaving Phi Phi Island and head back to Phuket.


Now back in Phuket… This time I decided that I did not want to stay in a large resort, I felt like that I would never leave and that I would not be able to experience Thailand. So I stayed at a local boutique hotel that was walking distance, but far enough from the buzz of the city. I walked to lunch and dinner and went to a few bars.

But the high light of my stay was this roof top pool. It was almost never used… This is my snack I brought with me… IMG_2162

It was hot but not that humid as it was the winter months. IMG_2163

The water was cool, it was more of a splash pool vs swimming… IMG_2179

I did not get a direct view of the sunset, but the clouds catch the light… IMG_2257IMG_2258IMG_2260

The next day I decided to have a beer by the lobby lounge plunge pool…IMG_2274IMG_2276

The tourists… IMG_2277

My 2nd or 3rd beer… IMG_2281

My room was nice. Basic… IMG_2286

Another drink to cool off as the temperature rises… IMG_2290

Another sunset at the roof top pool. IMG_2296IMG_2297

A place I would like to return to. IMG_2298

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