Four Seasons Hotel – St. Louis

On my road trip from SF to NY, I decided to add a little luxury and stay in the Four Seasons in St. Louis, I wanted to see the Mississippi and also the Arch from the hotel… its the winter so I wanted to enjoy the view from the inside of a nice hotel.

The Mississippi is also where the country divides East and West so, before I crossed over from the West to the East side, I though I would give myself a treat. The hotel is in the same complex as a rather nice casino with good food options and next to a small historic district with nice restaurants and bars.

Never slept in a Four Seasons so I wanted to see what all the hype was about. The hotel entrance is a drive way. There is a entry floor and then a ‘sky lobby’ on a higher floor. Check in is right next to the entrance.


The hallway to the elevatorsIMG_1367

The marble work on the walls show how much was invested in the interior. IMG_1368

Reflection as I wait for the elevator. IMG_1369

The elevator was modern and spotless. IMG_1370

The sky lobby is on the 8th floor. With the spa and gym on the lower floors. IMG_1371

The sky lobby has glass wall windows. IMG_1372

Also the main restaurant. IMG_1373

The first view of the Arch and the Mississippi River. IMG_1374

The fire place in the sky lobby. IMG_1375

And a selfie. IMG_1376

The stairs lead to the spa, gym and pools. IMG_1377

Another view of the river. IMG_1378

Now off to my room… IMG_1379

Keys are needed to go further. IMG_1380

I get a corner room, it seem vast from here, on the left are two closets and to the right the bathroom. IMG_1381

Looking from the bathroom to the closet area. IMG_1382

Panorama view of the bathroom, spacious, marble and clean towels are just right. Nothing over the top but perfectly set up. IMG_1387

Good amenities help a lot…IMG_1389.1

Then I look out of the view. The ice on the river moves slowly. IMG_1389

The bed is simple, comfortable and not over the top. IMG_1390

Panorama of the room. IMG_1391IMG_1392.1

My view. IMG_1392

The mirror makes the room really bright. IMG_1394

Then the mini bar… IMG_1395IMG_1397IMG_1400

The desk, I say this always.. but hotel desks are very important to me…IMG_1402

A unique factory… IMG_1403

I decided to go see the Arch up close. The halls are simple… IMG_1405

I get some tips… IMG_1408

They ask me to wait for a second. IMG_1409

They ask me to go to the driveway. IMG_1410

And the hotel car is ready for me to drop me off. I have to find my own way back. IMG_1411

Car service is always nice. IMG_1412

The Arch. I decided not to go up as the weather is not so good. IMG_1416

I walked back to the hotel… a 10 min walk… IMG_1437

I warm up by the fire place again. IMG_1440

The heated pool and hot tub are open even in January!IMG_1441IMG_1442

There was no one there, and also I did not use it but its nice to know its an option.IMG_1444

So I go to the gym… IMG_1446

The gym is large for a hotel gym. IMG_1447

I was craving Asian food, so I went to the casino to eat. It was good and not time for bed…  IMG_1449

One last view of the Arch… IMG_1450

Up before sunrise… now time for room service. IMG_1462

I love room service. IMG_1467

After breakfast I check out on head out to Ohio… The hotel was a great experience, the room and hotel’s public areas look simple, but the service, layout, design and upkeep of the hotel make it above the rest.  It was a great stay for day before I cross the Mississippi and onward to the East Coast. IMG_1470

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