Road Trip SF to NY

I did it. I drove from California to New York! I moved to cross country. I bought a used car and packed my bags, and shipped some of my things; drove mostly the Southern routes, I did not stop that much and it took about a week. I spent two nights in Vegas with my friends and also spent two nights in Cleveland where I have friends also, otherwise it was one night stays and also I only drove during daylight.

And it begins… here at SF… IMG_0523

I did not start here at the Golden Gate Bridge, but it works in the picture sequence. So I start with this… IMG_0532

I actually drove around SF for a few days, I feel a little nostalgia as I prep to leave. IMG_0548

The Pacific Ocean… and I reflect… IMG_0595

Also went to Treasure Island, it has some of the best views of SF.IMG_0966

I head South, WAY South to Amboy, CA, to start on historic Route 66. As I am traveling in January, I decided to go the Southern Route and avoid the snow. IMG_1022

There is a famous Route 66 spot… Its warm… IMG_1023

At Roys the gas is super expensive… I do not fill up here. IMG_1024

Everyone take lots of pictures. IMG_1028.1

There are very few cars, and I sit on the middle of the road. IMG_1028

Then off to Vegas!!!IMG_1076

After Amboy, we cut through the desert on local roads. IMG_1082

Right before Vegas, there is an temporary art installation called Seven Magic Mountains. IMG_1085

Picture time…IMG_1088IMG_1097.1

The sun begins to set and we need to checkin to the hotel. IMG_1097.2

We check in to the Venetian, a solid hotel as the standard rooms are very very large and can comfortably entertain a group of friends. We get a good view and a great sunset… IMG_1097

Went for a drink… IMG_1144

Not sure what time it is… IMG_1148

Then needed a solid breakfast… so why not Thomas Keller food… IMG_1150

And its good… IMG_1153

A day view from my room… IMG_1162

This is a few from one of my friends rooms, its nice that the interior small pools are open in the winter months with hot tubs. The rooms the the pool floor has easy access to the garden and pools…  IMG_1166

My one fancy fine dining on my road trip. A New York Institution… Le Cirque. Fitting as I will drive to New York, but at the time of my road trip the New York restaurant has closed to reopen in a new location… IMG_1170

The starters was good and the bread was amazing… IMG_1172

On my back to the hotel, the public areas of the Venetian as just beautiful. IMG_1201

After a show my friends and I go for one last drink…. what a treat… IMG_1205

It was very late at the Wynn and we were the last ones at the bar with the Wynn Lake all to our selves. IMG_1210

I am a little drunk…. IMG_1211

I get up early and check out… I drive passed Hoover Dam and see the lake. I decided to drive 8 hours a day, and not stop too much so that I can spend quality time with my friends, plus I have to start my new job so…. I did skip a few stops. IMG_1221

Arizona and New Mexico is scenic and pleasant drive, the road conditions were better than I thought. The natural land formations provide a great driving experience.  IMG_1223

You get a sense of how vast the country is… IMG_1224

The sun is bright… IMG_1283

I am still following Route 66… I stop and sleep in Albuquerque. Don’t really remember but its at sometime in New Mexico, I passed the Continental Divide – that is where the water splits to flow East or West. IMG_1293

I think I entered Texas, plus I had to start changing my watch and car time to match the time zones. IMG_1295

You can see the rain fall miles away. IMG_1296

Then I hit the midway point for Route 66! There seems to be a cafe there but it was closed. But a spot for pictures. IMG_1297IMG_1298

After Vegas, I was on the road on my own. There was even a stand camera so I was able to take this picture. I was the only one there.  IMG_1300

Then came Cadillac Ranch, it was interesting, spray painting seemed to be a thing, you can see on person in the picture. IMG_1306

Then the leaning water tower… I decided not to stop there. IMG_1316

The colors as I drive depart Oklahoma City where I stayed the night. IMG_1359

As I drive to St. Louis, the it gets foggy… It seems the fog followed me from SF as soon as conditions were right…  IMG_1365

St. Louis!!! Its here that I cross the Mississippi River, now I am really on the East side. IMG_1421

The Arch up close. IMG_1426

The old part of town was interesting… IMG_1432

Some very grand and bold claims. IMG_1433

I leave St. Louis to Cleveland and the fog follows me again. IMG_1473

I stop by the Indy 500! A gift shop and a museum…  in need of a car wash… IMG_1475

And a selfie… IMG_1478

I arrive in Cleveland, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, built by I.M. Pei…IMG_1526

A night out with my friends… I stay in this city for two nights…. IMG_1540

The city’s Art museum is actually really good… it was really good… IMG_1522

Time to eat like the locals… IMG_1549

After Ohio, I drive through PA and in to NJ… IMG_1555

From the NJ side looking in the NYC. Again I bring the fog with me. IMG_1573

On Top of the Rock again… NYC never gets old. IMG_1574.1

Would I do it again! YES! This time I would want to do it in late Spring and drive the Norther routes.

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