Ritz-Carlton – Lake Tahoe

I was looking to get out of the city for a quick winter drive lake Tahoe, I first stopped Sand Harbor on the Nevada side of the lake and headed to the Ritz-Carlton Lake Tahoe at the Northstar Resort. First I stop by Sand Harbor where, I sit and enjoy the fresh cold air and the views in relative isolation. It gets really crowded there in the Summers so it was nice to visit in the winter where parking is not an issue.


Its a dry winter, so far so not much snow. When it snows, it snows! In Tahoe it is mandatory for cars to carry chains no matter what the car type in the winter. IMG_0937

I want to dip my feet, but the water is cold… great views of the lake and surrounding mountains. IMG_0939IMG_0943

My last view of the lake before lunch…IMG_0944

I head over to Northstar resort, a little inland and on a higher elevation. IMG_0946.1

The Ritz-Carlton Lake Tahoe keeps to the alpine lodge theme. IMG_0946

The main stairs lead to the main hall. IMG_0947.1

The massive stone pillar holds up the round roof. IMG_0947

The hall is grand and has 360 views of the surrounding mountains. IMG_0948.1IMG_0948

The central hall are for resort residents and hotel guests – only.IMG_0949.1

The hotel has direct access to the slopes. IMG_0949


And most important at ski resorts is the Apres-Ski… IMG_0950

Looking back at the hotel with its round main hall.IMG_0951

Passed the main hall there is the restaurant that is open to the public. I had a salmon BLT and it was good. It was a day trip drive and but just what I needed to get away from the city for a while. IMG_0955IMG_0954

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