The Old Course – Half Moon Bay CA

Half Moon Bay is home to two golf courses, the Ocean Course, which I played a few years ago, and the Old Course.

The Old Course runs though a high end residential development in the front 9 and up to the 16th hole, its the last two that take advantage of the views. Most of the houses seems like weekend or retirement homes for the wealthy Silicon Valley residence. The course is pristine, and the greens are like glass.

It’s winter and the weather in the Bay Area is perfect, not too hot not too cold for golf.


Some areas you can’t see the homes lining the course. IMG_0714

At times you hear nothing at all. IMG_0721

Its at the 17th hole you start to see the Ocean, its a par three. Our tee time was noon and we make it just before sunset. IMG_0742

On the green you can see the Ritz Carlton Hotel, where I like to take the 19th hole. IMG_0749

You can hear the waves, its calming. IMG_0753

Now for the 18th hole. Here the wind plays a big factor. Also, there is somewhat of a gallery from the hotel ocean terraces so the pressure is on to perform well. Scores of people who are enjoying drinks or hot drinks around fire pits have views of the green and approach. The view is really something else and worth the premium to play. IMG_0760

The sun starts it evening show. IMG_0761

I use an iron as there is a middle hazard section. IMG_0765

The wind pushes me to the left… where there is pathway with its own gallery of people. IMG_0766

Looking back from the edge of the green. IMG_0808

As we finish the shows starts. The colors are extra bright. If you have a chance to play you must go! IMG_0814

The show ends. My beer is finished too. IMG_0818

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