Faberge Museum – St Petersburg

The Faberge Museum in St. Petersburg brought the former Forbes Collection from New York to Russia. Having seen them in New York years ago, it was nice to see it again in Russia in better facilities. The museum holds other works in formal state rooms surrounding the main staircase but the main attraction are the Faberge Eggs.  IMG_0332

The dome tops the staircase. IMG_0333


After a few rooms with other objects you enter the main hall with the Eggs. The room is blue and gold. If you want to see the eggs, there are high resolution images all over the internet so I won’t upload here. The main chamber is grand. IMG_0350

Each egg is displayed in individual cases. It is nice that you can walk around the display to get a full view of the work. In Moscow Armory where you can only see one side of the eggs on display. IMG_0351

Another view of the hall. IMG_0352

Gold use is extensive… IMG_0356

The ceiling and the chandelier are as elaborate as the eggs on display.IMG_0359

A more clear picture. IMG_0360

A full view of the main hall. The audio guide is good and recommended. IMG_0361

Most of the famous eggs are in museums, with a few in private collections, now my quest to see every egg is on. The museum is small and has a nice restaurant on the lower floors so its nice to make it a stop on your city tour and to get coffee and something to eat.

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