Hermitage Museum – St Petersburg

The Hermitage in St. Petersburg is one of the world’s most important museums. With limited time I went on a day they are open till 9pm and I spent hours there with strategic rests and snacks to make the most of my time. I bought my ticket at my hotel to make things simple. In the winter it gets dark quick and the crowds go home.  The city lights up… The Winter Palace… this is just one part of the museum… its massive. IMG_0270.1

So as soon as I enter I went to the far end of the museum to see the two DaVinci works they have display. As you can see the room is empty just me for a while, then a few more people walk in… The room itself is a work of art. The first DaVinci work…

IMG_0270The second work in the room, there are very few works still in existence so any chance to see one is worth the trip.  IMG_0271

Then a Titian… room after room has works from some of the biggest names in art. IMG_0273

Some of the rooms are worth a look even with out the art.IMG_0275

Again, the rooms are close to empty.IMG_0276

A Michelangelo…. and me…IMG_0278

Again gold is the theme… IMG_0283

Later I head back to the main Jordan Staircase, again empty again… IMG_0285IMG_0288IMG_0290

I head over the the statues from ancient Greece to view a famous Venus work. IMG_0291

After a few hours with the remaining last hour I head over to the new wing of the museum on the other side of the plaza where there are more modern works. IMG_0295

It was scary at times, as it was almost totally empty. IMG_0298IMG_0299

Two major works by Matisse… There were rooms filled with other major names in modern art. IMG_0300

Kandinsky No. 6…IMG_0304

And this one called “Black Square” by Malevich… It changed everything… IMG_0311IMG_0305

And when in Russia, its time to see some Faberge Eggs, this one is the Rothschild Egg at the Hermitage. IMG_0312

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