Turandot Palace – Moscow

I wanted to try a unique restaurant experience that I would only get in Moscow and no where else and I got it at the Turandot Palace – It was a surreal dinner. I wanted a fancy dinner and I saw that the interior was as fancy as it was going to get. So I got a dinner table for one. I was one of the last seatings on a weekday so most other tables were empty.

After the lobby, you enter what seems to have been a courtyard for a very large town home of a Prince.


Then you enter the lower section of the main dinning room, it now act as a lounge and bar with live music. They take me past it and up some fancy stairs to the Piano Noble of the main dinning room.IMG_0084

And the domed dinning room is impressive. IMG_0085

The space is beautiful. IMG_0086

A wide angle view.  IMG_0087

There are private room behind the walls of the domed area. This is what it must feel like to be inside a Faberge Egg. IMG_0088

There are a lot of Chinese themed designs… foreshadowing the menu. I should of known as the name of the restaurant was…IMG_0089

They show me a Russian wine, but I opt for another wine. IMG_0090

I opt for a glass vs a bottle… I am a party of one so… I will stick to a glass. IMG_0093

I see the menu for the first time and find out that this is a Chinese restaurant the restaurant has a healthy mix of locals and tourists. IMG_0094

After my order they give me chopsticks. I ordered the Turandot Course for my self. They give you wooden disposable chopsticks, I thought that was a bit strange. IMG_0095

The first course. IMG_0096

Then as I was pressed for time, I asked for all my dishes at once. IMG_0099

Dim Sum in Moscow, inside a former palace, that looks like this. It was surreal.IMG_0100

Its actually really good. IMG_0104

My main course. IMG_0105

A beef dish. It was also good. IMG_0106

As I wait for my sweets to end the meal. I look around again and the space is breathtaking. IMG_0108

Refill on the wine… IMG_0109

The dessert… again it was good. I don’t know how to describe the experience, but I am sure that this is a only in Moscow thing for sure. IMG_0111

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