Red Square and The Armory – Moscow

I arrived in Moscow in the evening so the first thing I did was to see Red Square at night, its really add a depth of color you do not see during the day. The Buildings around the square light up.


The walls of the Kremlin get a red glow and St. basil shines bright.   IMG_0115

A closer look and St. Basil is even more colorful. IMG_0116

The domes really pop in the night. IMG_0118

A closer view. IMG_0123

Close up…IMG_0124

The other domes. IMG_0125IMG_0127

GUM Department store.IMG_0128

A selfie. It seems that they do not turn the lights off when its dark. IMG_0130

Looking back from St. BasilIMG_0132

Its in the details…IMG_0133

The next day it snowed in Moscow! IMG_0163

I pass Lenin’s Mausoleum I did not have time to stand in line and go inside.  IMG_0164

Lightly covered onion domes. IMG_0165IMG_0167

Looking back during the day. IMG_0171

To get to the Armory Museum inside the Kremlin, you have to leave Red Square and around long the wall with the eternal flame, and follow the park to the end of the wall to the last tower.  IMG_0172

Walk down this path and you will find a ticket office. Make sure you buy online first as they have limited entry and can be sold out at popular times and days. IMG_0173

I enter the Kremlin!IMG_0177

Looking back from the Armory. IMG_0178IMG_0179

There were something like 10 Faberge Eggs on display. It would have been nice to view the eggs from different view points.IMG_0181

Diamond covered books…. why not?IMG_0182

Silver and gold everywhere. IMG_0183

The Armory is smaller than expected. The Armory from the outside. IMG_0184

Another view. IMG_0185

There are also a group of Churches inside the Kremlin, and other interesting historical items of interest. IMG_0186IMG_0187IMG_0188IMG_0189

Another view of inside the Kremlin.IMG_0191

After walking around, I when to GUM for some coffee and snacks. IMG_0193

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