Ritz Carlton – Moscow

In Late November I decided to visit Russia as I wanted to go after all the tourists have gone home and before it got too cold. I started my trip in Moscow and stayed at the Ritz Carlton Moscow. I have asked the hotel to arrange a car – I was told I got lucky as it only took 1hr 20mins to get to the hotel from the airport.  IMG_0044

A nice BMW was waiting…IMG_0045

A wide angle view as my bags are put in the trunk. IMG_0046

A selfie… IMG_0048

On the highway. There was traffic on and off. IMG_0051

We approach the hotel, Its a block off of Red Square. IMG_0054.1

The entry is fancy… IMG_0054.2

I get a club level room so I check in at the club, with a glass of bubbles. IMG_0054.3

I was informed my suite is downstairs from the club and connected by an internal stairway. The team informs me of a suite upgrade.IMG_0054.4

The landing on the lower floor.IMG_0054.5

So this is my room.IMG_0054.6

The plan seems bigger than most other rooms. IMG_0054

I open the door to a long hall way in my room….IMG_0055

My door shuts behind me.IMG_0056

And a living room. I am liking my upgrade. IMG_0057

View from the other end of the living area. IMG_0059

And me.IMG_0060.1

Some times I travel and need to wear a suite to go to dinner or a meeting and I really appreciate a place where I can hang my jacket. Its too bad its harder to find these in hotels these days.  IMG_0060.2

My sleeping area seen from the living room. IMG_0060

Another view. IMG_0061.1

The bathroom was mostly marble, as it should be. IMG_0061IMG_0062IMG_0063IMG_0064IMG_0065

With a heated towel rack to keep me warm in Russian winter weather. IMG_0066

The mini bar is tempting, but with club access, I get my drinks and snacks there. IMG_0069

The coffee and tea are complimentary but again I can get it at the club lounge. IMG_0070

My room had an interior court view, but the club lounge has a view of Red Square! A view is better than no view. IMG_0076IMG_0077IMG_0078IMG_0139

The cookie game is on, and they are all good… IMG_0140

Then I went to the hotel bar and restaurant on the very top floors, I wanted to try Vodka – because why not? I am in Russia… So I try a few…IMG_0144IMG_0145

Then I mix things up a little with this… IMG_0146

Then this…. IMG_0147

Back to basics. IMG_0148

Again I get some air after my drinks and enjoy the view again. Then I get some sleep… I had just arrived and checked in… IMG_0149

in the morning, I go to the club for breakfast. IMG_0153

The set up is great. IMG_0154IMG_0156

Start off with eggs, row and some salmon. IMG_0157

Middle course…IMG_0158

Eggs Benedict a la Russe – again why not I am in Russia. I had coffee with my meal and one last cup of Tea to end my meal. IMG_0160

I leave the club to start my tour of Moscow. Also these walking dogs seem to be a theme around the hotel. IMG_0195

The view of Moscow on the other side of the hotel, the gray clouds make the gold domes shine brighter. IMG_0196

Who ever said hotel views do not count, most likely have not stayed here. This place I can not wait to go back. IMG_0197

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