Rockhouse Hotel – Jamaica

Sitting on top of a cliff with protected waters the Rockhouse Hotel is the place to experience paradise. It has a rustic vibe but has all the necessary amenities that anyone would need. Cliffside villas where you can jump directly into the sea, great onsite restaurant, and water so calm that it looks like glass… what more can you ask for. Please just take my money… We are already planning our trip back. 

We arrive late and miss the sunset. The area is famous for its sunsets, but we spent too much time at the Pelican Bar but no worries I will save it for next time. So we go eat at the onsite restaurant called Push Cart the food is spot on, even for locals.

1. IMG_0760

They have live music so you need to be ok with some loud music. There are other options in the hotel. 2. IMG_0761

Out door seating.3. IMG_0770

The moon was bright.4. IMG_0762

The moon hides behind a cloud and give us a light show. Taken with NightCap

After dinner we walk back to checkin our rooms. 6. IMG_0759

A welcome drink šŸ™‚8. IMG_0746

The view of my villa terrace. 9. IMG_075510. IMG_0756

The view of the villa from my cliff side lounge chairs. 11. IMG_0758

My villa was a single room.12. IMG_074812.1 IMG_0752

The restroom entrance. 13. IMG_0749

The shower was outside… 14. IMG_0750

Closet area.15. IMG_0751

After checkin our group went for a swim at the hotel pool and we were lucky to see a lighting show for a few hours. A friend actually took this pic. We got super lucky as we went after the summer which mean hurricane season – thus the lighting show – but we had sunny weather while we were there. 7. IMG_1082

After some rum… the dawn arrives… 16 IMG_0772

The view from my bed…16. IMG_0837

View of my villa…. 17. IMG_0776

Then there is a walk way to the lounge chairs on the cliffside. 18. IMG_0777

My lounge chairs and next door’s lounge chairs. 19. IMG_078820. IMG_0790

The water is flat… the swimming area is protected on many sides so there are no waves. 21. IMG_0791

The water color changes from dark blue to light blue as the sun rises… 22. IMG_0792

I get hungry and order room service… I did not want to leave my villa. 23. IMG_0800

Each Villa has dedicated deck space but not off limits to hotel guests. 24. IMG_0808

I go for a walk to check out the hotel… and the beautiful stonework is everywhere…. 25. IMG_081125. IMG_0812

They have deck lounge chairs by the cliffs all over the hotel… 26. IMG_081327. IMG_0814

I pose for this one… 28. IMG_081629. IMG_0820

I visit the pool again. 30. IMG_082231. IMG_0823

The hotel has lost of activities.32. IMG_0824

I walk toward the hotel restaurants and the waters begin to show its colors. 33. IMG_082534. IMG_082735. IMG_0828

I walk back to my room… 36. IMG_082636. IMG_0831

I stop by the spa… did not have time use it… 37. IMG_083238. IMG_0834

Before I get to my room, I stopped by the pool again to get a life vest to swim… 39. IMG_0835

The view is amazing… 40. IMG_0856

I prep to swim… 41. IMG_0518

The water is electric blue… the water is so flat you can see the school of fish in the center…41. IMG_0847

I jump!!!

42. į„‰į…³į„į…³į„…į…µį†«į„‰į…£į†ŗ 2017-10-01 11.00.50 PM

Life vests are nice to have as this hotel does not have a beach or a place you can rest in the water. You have to swim all the way… 43. IMG_0488

Hats are a must… IMG_0534

Under my parasol. IMG_0848

Back to the villa…IMG_0864

Enjoying the view before check out… IMG_0871IMG_0867

This the gift shop building… IMG_0910

The entrance / exit… we are already planning a trip back to this place…. IMG_0911

Make sure you ask for a Villa with water access, also one where you can jump would be even better. Also Villas away from the restaurants would be preferred as it has high traffic. IMG_1184

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